VI International Technological Forum
Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing
15-17 April 2019   Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region

Bus for the participants
UEC-Saturn representatives will pick up participants of the Forum at the Yaroslavl Glavny railway station in Yaroslavl on 15/04/2019 and bring them back to the station on 17/04/2019 for the trains listed below.

Moscow-Yaroslavl train:

Train No. Time of departure from Moscow (Yaroslavsky Railway Station) Time of arrival in Yaroslavl
104 14:45 18:07

Yaroslavl-Moscow train:
Train No. Time of departure from Yaroslavl Time of arrival in Moscow (Yaroslavsky Railway Station)
105 19:33 22:54

Participants of the Forum buy railway tickets and book selected hotels themselves. The organizers provide transfer from hotels in Rybinsk and Rybinsk Area to the venues.

UEC-Saturn focal points:

- Elena Korovkina, tel/fax: +7 (4855) 32-60-45,

- Anna Bogdanova, tel.: 8 (916) 685-90-14,

Recommendations about individual transfer to Rybinsk
By train from Moscow from the Yaroslavsky Railway Station:
Any Moscow-Yaroslavl train, then regular bus No.500 or a public taxi bus from the Yaroslavl Glavny railway station to Rybinsk. Busses leave the railway station every 30 minutes.

By intercity bus:
There are a few busses setting off from Moscow to Rybinsk and back every day.
Phones: +7 (4855) 253-939, +7 (915) 980-0460 +7 (980) 657-5740, +7 (910) 969-9900 +7 (980) 662-5531

By car:
1st variant:
1. From Moscow along Yaroslavskoe Shosse, federal highway 8
2. Via Pereslavl-Zalesky, Petrovsk
3. Via Rostov Veliky up to Yaroslavl
4. Then follow the signs to Rybinsk via Tutaev

2nd variant:
1.1. From Moscow along Dmitrovskoe Shosse via Taldom, Kalyasin
1.2. Or along Yaroslavskoe Shosse via Sergiyev Posad, Kalyasin
2. Then via Uglich, Myshkin to Rybinsk.