VI International Technological Forum
Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing
15-17 April 2019   Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region

About the Forum

Agenda of the Forum

The key subject of the VI International Technological Forum "Innovations. Technology. Manufacturing" will be "Federative Factory of the Future in National Projects".

The participation in the Forum is a chance of:
  • taking part in discussions about the challenges of real Russian and foreign hi-tech industrial sectors under the conditions of total digital transformation;
  • learning about the key trends and mechanisms of federative manufacturing;
  • presenting your own products related to advanced industrial technologies.
Participants welcomed:
  • representatives of Russian and foreign high-tech companies;
  • managers of small-size and medium-size technology and engineering companies;
  • venture capital investors;
  • representatives of leading universities, development institutes and research centers;
  • representatives of expert and professional communities;
  • participants of project and creative teams;
  • everybody who is interested in advanced industrial technologies and the technological development of Russia and the world for the next 20 years.
Working languages: Russian and English.