International Technological Forum
«Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing»
Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region
April 15-17, 2020

The III International technological forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing”

     Over the period of April 4 - 6, 2016 the city of Rybinsk, located in the Yaroslavl Region, will be hosting the III International technological forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing”. The Forum is timed to the 100th anniversary of NPO Saturn and will be first and foremost dedicated to technological innovation regarding the implementation of the National technological initiative (NTI) in the “Advanced manufacturing technologies” domain.

     The key role in the NTI implementation is given to the activities facilitating the creation of conditions for the innovative activity, generation of new ideas and getting technological entrepreneurs as well as project and creative teams from the leading universities and research centers, development institutes, representatives of the expert and professional communities and the government executive bodies involved in it.

     The existing high-tech companies and their innovative infrastructure’s capabilities to enable the development and implementation of pilot industrial solutions are the backbone of the NTI projects realization and development of advanced technologies. The Gas turbomachinery and power engineering cluster (Yaroslavl Region) can serve as one of the sites for implementing the NTI initiatives as it unites the modern industrial, engineering and research-and-technology companies, the cluster’s main aviation technical higher education institution and the sites for carrying out investment projects in the Yaroslavl Region.

     The Forum will allow to define the vector of technological development in the machine-building industry and establish new supply and collaboration chains in the field of the cutting-edge technologies and industrial solutions. The Forum’s “Advanced industrial solutions” domain will be subdivided into 8 main topical sections defining the critical technologies in the NTI roadmaps.

     Over 600 Russian and international participants will be attending the Forum along with the representatives of the government executive bodies dealing in the economy and education, heads of state corporations and private enterprises, research-and-development centers, development institutes, etc.

     We have the honor to invite you to attend the Forum.

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